Planning and Design Consultation

Venue Sourcing

Supplier Sourcing

Design Creation

Detailed Budget Planning

Detailed Personal Timeline

This is the perfect package for a couple in the early planning stages. It could be you’re not sure where to start, what design element you want or you just don’t have the time to extensively search every venue, photographer or caterer in your local area.

Or it could be that you have lots of fantastic ideas, but you would like help and advice in sourcing the right suppliers and guidance, in how to go about achieving your dream wedding.

To make your vision a reality we would discuss colour schemes, table settings, lighting, furniture, glassware and everything else down to the smallest detail to ensure that the design exceeds your expectations.

Firstly, I will calculate your detailed budget and write up a draft of your personal timeline for your big day. After a two hour meeting I will have enough information to design the overall theme and look for your wedding day.

Within the next week I will have sourced available venues and vendors within your budget to suit your needs.

Lastly we would get together for a final meeting where I will have finished the design creation and you will receive a detailed personal timeline, so that you will know what to expect at every stage of your wedding day.

If a two hour meeting isn't for you, we can do the consultation and all of the planning over Skype/Facetime or even just email. More and more couples are requesting my help quickly and directly over email which is great if you'd rather look over ideas in your own time and reply without feeling pressured. There is no time limit. I won't charge you more if you change your mind a few times in the run up to the finished design. We want it to be perfect!

From only £250.00